Surviving Summer (E7)

Day 7: Sunday Funday

Confession time. I appear to have raised a criminal. On arriving home after being out with the B-boy all morning, I stumbled across a package I had not officially purchased in the bottom of his buggy. In fairness, the kid did good. The offending item may or may not have been looted from a certain mega-chain coffee shop rhyming with Far-Pucks. Coffee beans. Excellent choice sir. B is pretty grabby at the best of times... anything within his reach really- people, stuff, cups of tea on shelves. I must have steered him too close to the epic mountain of coffee bean packs. Oops.

In our house, everything is B-proof, but out and about, preventing disaster wherever we rock up can be a challenge. I have to leave a pretty wide berth either side of the buggy or he ends up grabbing people as they saunter past. Today he tapped a lady on the boob at the park.. I was chasing him, but didn't quite get there in time, and she was bent down with a small person, at the most awkward of heights. Cue boob-hand contact as B ran by. I managed a fly-by apology but the lady was, understandably, less than impressed. He also has a penchant for running into, shall we say, people on the larger end of the body-type spectrum. Again, beelined for a lady in aforementioned anonymous coffee shop, but this time victory was mine as I scooped him up just before they collided. The zero sense of social appropriateness coupled with the constant sensory seeking is hilarious/facepalm-inducing/kill-me-now/downright dangerous.

Sunday is a family day, and we specifically have no carers on just to give ourselves some space. But, due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it usually means timesharing the kids. I had B this morning, and S had the girls, and in the pm we switched. Occasionally we manage something all together, but B made it very clear this morning that today was NOT going to be one of those days. I took him down to the museum, which he usually likes. It's awesome because everything is in boxes and he can't trash it. I felt unwelcome there today though. He was being noisy, and despite there being no one else in the whole place, a power trippy volunteer lady followed us round and tutted a lot. Fuck that man. B got his own back by posting his toy in an antique lobster pot which was NOT TO BE TOUCHED (much to the lady's horror) and we left.

Park was more successful (aside from the boob incident). He had a lovely time playing. I am noticing the other kids stare now-they're averaging about five years younger than him so he's starting to stick out a bit. There was this one brilliant kid there today though, who just talked to B as though he was normal. I told him B had a different brain and couldn't do things quite as fast, and he offered to help- super sweet. Then when B didn't talk back to him, I explained he couldn't talk yet because of his different brain. The kid just shrugged and cracked on with the conversation. He proudly told B he was five and asked how old B was. When I said it was his birthday soon he got all excited on B's behalf. It totally restored my faith in humanity. I told the kid he was super awesome, and that he should definitely keep being the best five year old I'd met in a long time. Well done those parents.

Beach trip with the girls in the afternoon. Dodged the rain-winning at life, and got our favourite treat-bubble tea. If you've never had bubble tea you need to seriously realign your life priorities. It's a full on assault on the senses-not for the faint hearted. As my friend so eloquently put it when I broke her in- I never thought I'd say this but those are some balls I really didn't want in my mouth. Ha!

So yeah. Funday Sunday. And tomorrow is Monday. Wish me luck guys...



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