Learning to Eat Lemons

So I was reminded recently of that trite little positivity pearl we’ve probably all heard slip out of the mouth of a well-meaning friend or five in times of need; ‘When life gives you lemons, learn to make lemonade.’ Personally, I prefer to grab the tequila and salt and get completely fucked, but that’s hardly my point. My point is this. I call bullshit. Some things will always leave a bitter taste, no matter how much we try and sugar coat them. Essentially, some situations just suck. Period. Of course it would be lovely if we could transform all our shit into sparkly unicorn magic through the sheer power of positive thinking, but hey guys, newsflash. Sometimes it all goes tits up. Sometime’s life’s not fair. And sometimes there’s fuck all you can do about it.
Right now stuff is tough. It feels like I mainly exist to manage situations outside of my control. I’m at the mercy of strangers to ensure the care package we have for B continues at the rate it does, and after two months (yep…

More than a Muggle...

Oxford. Week three. General chaos, and huge feelings of what-the-actual-fuck-am-I-doing, alongside generally drowning in the mile-long reading list. So far, I’ve learned a few key things about myself.
    1-Looking after one person is decidedly difficult when you’ve spent your entire life to date looking out for everyone else. Juggling a thousand jobs with pinpoint precision? No bother. Batch cooking dinners and figuring out childcare spreadsheets of destiny? A walk in the park. Ish. Food shopping at Tesco for one without automatically picking up the industrial sized everything? Major challenge.
     2-I have Unrealistic Expectation Syndrome. I’m not sure if it’s an actual thing, but if it isn’t it should be. I have been blessed (or cursed, depending how you look at it) with the ability to retain information fairly quickly and with decent understanding. After my first philosophy of educational research (yes, it’s a thing) lecture, I came out wanting to cry. Despite having spent the en…