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If Only

Right now I’m taking a break from the copious amount of admin I seem to be slowly drowning in and coming up for air via the snorkel of this blog.
First up, I’m proud to say WE SURVIVED! By survived I mean we got through the full 60,480 minutes of the school holidays in one piece; alive, breathing, and relatively unscathed. I wouldn’t go as far as to say we got through it well, that would be an altogether different scenario. The reality is the matrix of destiny (aka the calendar) that dictated who was where at what time and for how long left its inevitable imprint on our uber tolerant children. Like a game of human Tetris any deviation from the perfectly tessellating plan resulted in it all spiralling out of control pretty quickly. D and O were fairly amenable, but BH did not take kindly to being shunted about like a heavy piece of luggage. Holidays for us do not equal lazy lounging days or fun spontaneous day trips. They involve a carefully executed master plan of action, involving …