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Sibling Syndrome

So today would have been my mum’s fifty-sixth birthday, but she never made it this far. For whatever reason, she had to go at the tender age of fifty-four and a bit. It also happens to be my daughter’s ninth birthday- I can never quite decide whether that was poor planning on my part, or a decent hand well played by Fate. We ate cake for breakfast, made pancakes, and I waved O off as she merrily left to visit her grandparents. I hung out with my little sister; we had lunch in a cafĂ© we occasionally visited as kids, that happened to be re-opening today after a lengthy refurb *cue spooky music* bought flowers and took them down to the river where we launched them one by one (speedily-sorry mum) in the pouring rain while saying ‘Happy Birthday’ in as many different accents as we had flowers. We know how to live, the little sister and me! The ducks were none that impressed when they quickly realised that the lilies weren’t the bread they’d been holding out for, but other than that a fairl…