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Easter Island

Something we are constantly told as parents of special kids by almost everyone we encounter is this. ‘Make sure you look after yourself. You’ll be no good to anyone if you don’t.’
This advice is dished out readily and in abundance, but, like the slightly-out-of-date dessert your late-night nemesis self just couldn’t resist, it leaves a slightly bitter taste, and the reality is never as good as the idea.
I already feel bad. I feel like a shitty parent most of the time. Adding to my mile-long to-do list with another self-care tick box is not helpful. Also, I know I’m never doing enough. It’s the nature of having a child so complex. I’m constantly thinking of all the things I could be bettering to improve the outcomes for my beautiful boy, and generally for our family, and there’s literally always more. I’m consistently missing the mark, because the goal posts are permanently being shifted. Family life ends up being this crazy pressure cooker of trying. Trying our best to make sure ever…

Ridiculous Road Trips

On the recommendation of a friend I recently listened to an excellent piece on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. The link's here if you want to check it out: 
It's a fifteen minute interview with a very articulate, obviously intelligent lady on the difficulties of being both a carer and a mum to a disabled child. This might not be on the radar of many typical parents. I mean, how can you be a carer and a parent? All parents are carers right? Taking care of all kids is a tough

Well. Let me spell this out clearly. 
Typical parenting tough - a bumpy journey from the shocker of Babyville to the comfortably predictable Grown-Man's-Land. Sure, there are rough points. Sometimes the kids all get carsick and the vehicle interior ends up redecorated with putrid smelling sweetcorn and carrot (wtf is with the magical veg-in-all-vomit thing?) But it's all good, you're prepared for that shit, and although unpleasant, you'r…