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Shoe Shops and Roundabouts

You know the moment-we all have them-the moment where you wait patiently for what seems like an eternity for the ground to open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. This particular moment went something like this. Shoe shopping attempt with all 4 darlings. B in the trolley seat, squashed in because at 5 and a bit he's really far too big for said trolley seat, but without wedging him in (or failing that placing some sort of epidermic tracking device on him), we'd be screwed and the shop trashed in approximately 13 seconds flat. B is our very own Taz of the cartoon Tasmanian Devil-lovable, cheeky, but when all's said and done just a little bit special. He has destruction skills that rival a bulldozer on speed, and has Dynamo's disappearing act totally down.
D was being her usual helpful self, and O absolutely had to try on EVERY pair of shoes in the shop to make sure she could cause maximum infuriation by choosing the very first pair she'd tried on. BH had cho…