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Summertime Seuss

Today I am suffering with acute bureaucracy fatigue. It's a condition characterised by eternal phonecalls to people who hold imperative keys for life support, reading up on legal rights and the SEN code of practice, trying to hold your shit together while facing the millionth diversion in the road of accessing aforementioned life support, and walking the fine line between megabitch and softly softly catchy monkey. 
I think i'm fairly on point when I say that most parents find the summer holidays somewhat crazy. For working parents, there's the matrix of childcare to sort. For those at home, there's the frightening prospect of keeping all your children (and yourself) alive AND entertained for six weeks. SIX WEEKS. For us, this six weeks resembles something of a desert road, stretching on into a horizon we can't quite see. It takes us a ridiculous amount of hours to arrange appropriate support for our family to survive the heat of summer. It kills me to need outside…