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Genetics 101

OK, so a few people have expressed an interest in the exact base level nature of B’s disorder, right down to what precisely it is that causes him to be so different from all of us neurotypicals. Neuro=to do with brain; typical=usual, regular, common- sorry folks, in the world of genetics you and I are pretty damn boring. Let’s picture an ice-cream sundae. Proportionately us neurotypicals would be the ice cream and the special atypical a=not, typical=see abovelovelies the sprinkles. So first up, people with B’s condition are RARE. The prevalence is estimated to be around one in thirty or forty thousand. So, for every 40,000 babies born, 1 might pop out like B. To give you an idea in real terms, Down Syndrome occurs once in every thousand births, DiGeorge (considered a relatively rare chromosome disorder) occurs once in every four thousand births. You can see where I’m going with this. If I asked you how much information you know about cats you would probably reel off ten facts without …