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The Squeakiest Wheel

So I know you’re probably sick of my rantings about the injustices of raising a special child, and I can imagine some of you thinking that it really can’t be as bad as I make out, that surely in the year 2014 we’d have some near decent provision for special kids in our community. You’d think right?
I recently took all four kids to the Oceanarium in Bournemouth. It’s currently school holidays, which, incidentally, makes me want to throw a flailing tantrum and bail on life for two weeks; something I resist strongly until my husband walks through the door at the end of the day. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have me ;) The Oceanarium is one of a handful of places I can take all four kids by myself; small enough to let the girls free range while I shadow B, with enough entertainment for a good hour or so. That plus the journey there and back, usually on the peasant wagon due to S needing the car for work, means we can kill about half a day. Genius.
At the moment B has a penchant for sma…