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The A word

This month is autism awareness month. I know it seems that every single day is taken up by some awareness raising cause, but this is something that really doesn't get the societal spotlight it deserves. Let me explain. 352,197 people in 2013 were diagnosed with cancer. That's about 1 incidence of cancer for every 182 people. And we've all heard of cancer. Money is spent on educating, awareness raising, researching, preventing. You name it, it's probably being done, and absolutely rightly so. Cancer is a cruel and indiscriminate disease which continues to destroy lives daily. 
Now before you get your knickers in a twist about the slightly controversial link I just made, let me be clear. I DO NOT think autism is a medical disease in the same way as cancer. It's not primarily physical and it can't be cured with conventional medicine. It's not something to be devastated about and it certainly isn't a killer. My point was merely this. Autism spectrum disorder…


The best types of mum come in all shapes and sizes, With one thing in common which shouldn’t surprise us Mums love from their heads to the tips of their toes, Despite the chaos and challenge that life sometimes throws.

‘Come on, hurry up, we’re going to be late.’ ‘Have you done your homework?’ ‘Please clear up your plate!’ ‘Why is the fish swimming round in the loo?’ ‘And no, not right now, you can’t go for a poo.’

‘Stop fighting, but if you insist then bog off.’ ‘You’re not dying, get dressed, it’s only a cough.’ ‘Will you please put your clothes to be washed in the pile, Your room smells like hellrot, it truly is vile.’

‘I love you a lot but right now it’s quite hard, To like you so much when the window’s in shards.’ ‘That willy joke’s funny, but 12 times today?!’ “Yes, I can see you had fun at school with messy play.’

‘This cake is delicious, you’re such a great cook!’ ‘No, the iPad doesn’t count, you have to read a real book!’ ‘You’ve thrown up? Oh dear, where exactly my love? The car seat, the …