The best types of mum come in all shapes and sizes,
With one thing in common which shouldn’t surprise us
Mums love from their heads to the tips of their toes,
Despite the chaos and challenge that life sometimes throws.

‘Come on, hurry up, we’re going to be late.’
‘Have you done your homework?’ ‘Please clear up your plate!’
‘Why is the fish swimming round in the loo?’
‘And no, not right now, you can’t go for a poo.’

‘Stop fighting, but if you insist then bog off.’
‘You’re not dying, get dressed, it’s only a cough.’
‘Will you please put your clothes to be washed in the pile,
Your room smells like hellrot, it truly is vile.’

‘I love you a lot but right now it’s quite hard,
To like you so much when the window’s in shards.’
‘That willy joke’s funny, but 12 times today?!’
“Yes, I can see you had fun at school with messy play.’

‘This cake is delicious, you’re such a great cook!’
‘No, the iPad doesn’t count, you have to read a real book!’
‘You’ve thrown up? Oh dear, where exactly my love?
The car seat, the carpet, and inside your glove..?!’

This crazy-mad chaos can threaten to drown,
Until we peek in their room once it’s all quietened down
Their little cute faces all smooshed and asleep
Quiet and warm, and dreaming so deep.

We’re all super mummies, but then there are some,
Who need to shout loud to get mummy things done
Their babies are special, needing extra support
Loving comes easy, but resources are short.

And so, special mummies, this shout out’s for you.
I see all the million things extra you do.
I know you are tired, I know you are done
And I know that you’ll carry right on; you’re a mum.

I know you’re surprised by the things you achieve,
With zero sleep, coffee and a tear-sodden sleeve.
Some days it’s too hard, and you want to give up,
But there’s no other option, so onwards and up.

You’re still changing nappies a few years too late,
And the bleak isolation is something you hate
Your friends’ kids are all playing games at the park
While yours doesn’t get it; the difference is stark.

The thousands of meetings you have to sit through,
Just to make sure your baby can get on in school
Making sure the professionals are doing their jobs,
This huge toll often causing frustration-filled sobs.

Special mummies, I love you, your children do too.
And the higher the mountain the better the view.
I know it’s a rough path, the lesser trod way
Swapping lives just seems such a good option some days.

Keep on keeping on, you’re so brave and so kind
The heartbreak you feel when your child’s left behind
Is painful and sharp, it cuts right to the core,
Leaving wounds that are sensitive, open and raw.

Even if they can’t tell you themselves then know this,
The language of love isn’t something they miss.
Your patience in every small thing that you do,
Your hugs and your kisses, scream out ‘I LOVE YOU.’

And they love you right back, you’re truly their hero.
If the number of words they can speak is at zero-
Doesn’t matter at all, love is way more than talk
You grew them, and fed them, and helped them to walk.

The smile in their eyes when you sing them a song,
They trust you to carry them when the journey is long.
The brief little giggles when something is funny,
So much love comes your way.. why? Because you’re their mummy.  

And so beautiful mummies, this shout out’s for you.
I see all the million things extra you do.
I know you are tired, I know you are done
And I know that you’ll carry right on- you’re their mum.


  1. love this xxx You're amazing xx


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