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Welcome to Planet Zorg

My heart is heavy as I write this; acutely aware of the two recent high profile cases in the American media regarding autism. The untimely death of two beautiful souls who did what thousands of kids have done before them, and thousands will do again; wandered off from under the watchful eye of their parent or carer. Mostly, though, this ends happily and through hugs, tears and frustrated relief family and child are joyously reunited. The recent cases in the media serve as a stark reminder that not all cases end quite as happily ever after.
Most people think that autism is a thing; a diagnosis or description to label a condition. This is partly true, and yet for those of us living with it day in day out the fallout is so much more than a simple one-word conclusion. Caring for a child with a complex disability like autism is all consuming; there isn’t one part of my life that remains untouched by B and his needs. Do I choose this? Of course not. Please don’t presume I am an overbearing …