Surviving Summer (E5)

Day Five: FRIDAY!
I'm excited it's Friday because it means I've managed to keep all four kids alive for one whole week of the summer holidays. High fives to me.
Today the weather was shit. I got wet. The B-boy had an awesome lady carer at his disposal all day, the girls got to go to a group that runs during holidays for siblings of children like B, and I realised that I had precisely 3 days to get sorted for his 10th birthday. Cue frantic running around, Amazoning, and generally feeling ragey at life as I searched in baby/toddler aisles for a present B might actually take a second look at.
I didn't sleep well last night. It's a lesser known side effect of having a brain on constant high alert. Imagine Google with a zillion tabs open. That. As a result the birthday stuff hit me harder. B has also reverted to mostly beige pump shit, for reasons unknown to man and beast.
On the upside, I managed a one-second haircut in the bath last night (B's not mine). He's now rocking the mod look. Cutting his hair is NOT for the faint hearted. Scissors near a flailing wailing faff-phobic autistic child may result in death. Plus, however shitty it is, at least the poor kid can frickin' see!
Also managed a coffee with a mate and a quick rainy walk at the beach. It was well needed sort of down time.
Happy Friday people.


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