Surviving Summer (E3)

Day Three (hundred and seventy nine... nah, just kidding. Actual day three)
WINNING AT LIFE! The B-boy slept until 10:40. TEN EFFING FORTY! This was especially epic since today I was flying solo with all four. And it was pissing down with rain. Anyone with an ADHD child will confirm these small watery droplets from the sky are tears of wrath direct from Satan himself. I was thankful for B's considerate lie in, and assume he must be slowly currying favour for all those years he didn't sleep. Didn't sleep as in I was a legitimate danger to society in every life scenario-such was the level of my sleep deprivation.
So, anyway, before sleeping beauty awoke, I got in a dough-making session with Little Miss Mouth, and planned a playdate for two of her friends to come over. Having extra kids over may seem like an insane idea, but actually there is method in my madness. Smallest girl is a fourth child. Smallest girl is used to having a zillion people in her face at all times. Smallest girl does not like being alone. At all. Ever. So by inviting small friends over, I defect on entertainment responsibilities AND win parent points all in one foul swoop. Excellent. Plus we'd just made pizza dough and therefore had a fun make-your-own-food activity in the bag which also got me out of lunch duties. Parenting level: ninja.
B eventually got up. Thanks to his gnattish attention span and crazy sensory seeking-ness we did ALL THE THINGS. And then we did ALL THE THINGS again. Marbles. Upside down on the piano stool. Trains. Ipad. DVD. Cars. Hoover. It was fun. I got to be a kid again for a day. Watching marbles roll down a run is actually pretty therapeutic...building the goddamn thing not so much. The four girlies-two mine, two loaned- made pizzas. They also made a video of the making of the pizzas. #moderntechnology
So, all in all. A boss day. B ate again, went off to respite at 3ish not having needed pump shit. THIRD DAY! He did have three nasty seizures but I refuse to let that put a dampener on an otherwise stellar day. I feel like I mainlined the 'can-do', and everyone benefitted as a result. Tomorrow might be a different story, but today I'm owning that shit.
Fuck you rain. We won.


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