Surviving Summer (E2)

Day 2. I appear to have been caught in a time warp. What is apparently day two of the school holidays actually feels like day 297...
Today I wasn't solo, I had help in the form of one of our awesome carers. Teen Queen and the Drama Diva were out being sociable, which left me with Little Miss Mouth and B.
All was going well until B woke up. He wasn't happy with life this morning, and point blank refused to get in the Carer's car because he wanted to go in ours thank you very much. Eventually I bundled him in, and firmly told him he was going to Adventure Wonderland, and he was going to have fun (with as much fake-it-til-you-make-it as I could manage). They drove off, B screaming. And I felt shitty that nothing is doable together because of his crazy level needs. It stinks.
Carer told me he calmed down pretty quickly but had to battle tourists and summer chaos at Adventure Wonderland. B doesn't do well with personal space invasion, and tends to respond by pushing, tapping or pinching anyone in his immediate area. Not so conducive to remaining in one place for any length of time during summer in a holiday location. Fuck tourists.
I headed to the seaside with Little Miss Mouth, who spewed various forceful opinions at me until my very good friend helpfully rescued me. She kept her at the beach while I came home to be an extra pair of hands in case B needed 2:1 cover. As it was things were pretty chill at that point, but we work on a minute by minute basis in this house which is at best stressful, and at worst insanity-inducing.
Cue survive until S got in from work. Shove processed breadcrumbed food in oven. Generally lament the current state of my life until it dawns on me I DIDN'T HAVE TO FEED B THE BEIGE SHIT TODAY. Because he ate! This is a big fat win. And the best thing? IT'S THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW! I did have to change pads that rivalled the stench of festival toilets but still, the boy ate.
Today's lesson (at the risk of sounding overly optimistic and Instagram affirmation-y)..?
In the midst of the shitstorm, there's always a rainbow. Well. A sliver of sunshine at least....


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