Strong and stable, fairy fable...

Theresa May, Theresa May,
What the fuck is left to say?
Strong and stable, strong and stable,
Turns out that was just a fable

Now we've properly crashed and burned
The joke's on you, the tables turned
YOU'RE going to have to deal with it,
Now that we're bollock deep in shit

Your arrogance is pretty vile,
But head-up-arse is just your style
We really should feel sorry for you
Since clusterfuck's just what you do

You didn't even cost your plans
Yet had a go when Jezza had
And let's not go there on debate day
No-show? Not cool at all Ms May.

The decent thing would be step down
But you intend to stick around
Why exactly won't you bail?
When this was such an epic fail

Stubborn, greedy, power-crazed?
It's left the country quite amazed
The Tories keeping super schtum
While Labour level up- game on

I'm sure deep down there's something good
I'm sure you'd rewind if you could
But now you can't; and it's a mess
We're not your pawns; this isn't chess

It's people's lives you're juggling now
They want to know exactly how
They'll feed their kids, or get their meds
Or make sure their hospitals have beds

You keep repeating 'equal, fair'
That's easy when you're stood up there
With nowt a thought for the daily grind
That leaves so many so far behind

But never fear, you have a plan
As only Tory PMs can
You'll jump in bed with DUP
No self respect, no dignity

The mask has slipped, it isn't pretty
In fact it's absolutely shitty
Despite the spin, fake news and lies,
We've seen behind your lying eyes

And just be warned, we won't lie down
We have a voice, we'll stand our ground
This country spoke, it shouted clearly
It's PEOPLE first, we love ours dearly


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