Sizz City

In the city of Sizz lived a mighty fine mix
Of Trumpers, Ba-Bators and frilly Farzicks
Each creature was different, it made things quite fun
Important with ten different jobs to be done

The Trumpers would toot on their Flug-a-Fone flutes,
While Ba-Bators created the most brilliant boots
Boot-shoes are fantastic for shoeing your feet
And Sizz-lers the best kind of shoe-ers you'll meet 

The Farzicks helped too in the most helpful way
Their legs were so stretchy they walked in one day
The distance that most in a year could not manage
Delivered shoes swiftly, all new and undamaged

Sizz-city was truly an excellent place,
Each which-way you looked was a friendly-ful face
Til one day a new mayor strolled right into town
He wandered straight in and he tore the place down

The Sizz-lers, (I hate to inform you but must)
Were a little too free in their giving of trust
They loved their new mayor by the generous heart-ful
Made dinners, picked flowers, brought boots by the cart-ful 

But this mayor (by the name of McGubbins Magoo)
Was super-smart clever, he knew just what to do
He hatched up a plan in his brainiest head
'I won't be the bad guy', he thought, 'No, instead

I will show them their differences, shed a new light
So a difference is no longer good in their sight, 
But a most awful thing that must quickly be banished'
Then that devious McGubbins took off and he vanished

He called for a meeting to make some new rules
The first thing to change, he insisted, were schools
Long-legged Farzicks were too tall for the buildings
Most Sizz-lers objected, but the mayor was unyielding

Ba-Bators, of course, thought themselves mighty grand
Without them there would be no more boots in the land
And all feet need shoes, it is factually true
And Ba-bators made many in rainbow-esque hues

The Trumpers had nothing to offer a school
It's true that the Flug-a-fone music was cool
Their brains though, a little small-minded at best
Not one single Trump-child passed alge-count test

The plan! It was working! Right down to the letter!
Each person was thinking their own type was better
Mayor Magoo, well he didn't have too long to wait
Those silly old Sizz-lers snapped right on the bait
Sly Magoo really knew how to rile up a crowd
Working up from a whisper to shouting mad loud
'Children of Sizz, you must listen to this.
This sparkly city has lost all it's fizz
To fix it, he said, there is work to be done
There is change to be had, and this change will be fun'

'From now on' he bellowed, his voice deep and boomy 
'Your schools will be better, less crowded, more roomy
Ba-bator kids' classrooms will be in the West
Where they'll learn tricky things and pass alge-count test

The East will be home to the tooting flute Trumpers
Whose classes will fail (well, we know they're all flunkers)
And as for the Farzicks, they're a little too high-
Their lessons up north, in the northern-most sky'

So the Sizz-lers (who now thought that difference was bad)
All stuck to their own in case others were mad
Old friends were abandoned and types stuck like glue
Knowing which one was what one and what one was who

Well then pretty soon things began to go wrong
Ba-bators discovered they needed a song
Precisely the song from the Flug-a-Fone flutes
To help them keep making their rainbow-hue boots. 

The Trumpers and Farzicks sat twiddling their thumbs
Left out in the cold, teachers labelled them dumb
The things they did best weren't allowed any more
And it hurt them a lot, made them sore to the core. 

The Sizz-lers (all types) got more sad by the day
'Til the smallest and wisest Farzick had her say.
She cleared out her throat with a sweet gentle cough
Spoke three simple words- 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Since when did we all go completely doo-lally?
For three weeks I have not seen my best Trump-friend, Sally
I am different and bad, so she's told by her mother,
But difference, perhaps, is why we NEED each other

Ba-bators need music to keep making shoes 
The best kind of boots with their rainbow-esque hues
The tunes come from Trumpers who make such sweet sound
The sweetest and soundest for ten miles around

Our super tall legs mean we walk for one day,
And reach places and lands super far-far away
It makes us quite handy for dropping off boots
Those boots made to toots of the Flug-a-Fone flutes

McGubbins Magoo is a bad sort of mayor
A mayor whose small heart is not able to care
For difference is definitely NOT a bad thing 
That difference is what makes our Sizz truly zing 

So Trumpers, Ba-Bators or Frilly Farzicks
Let's change this around, and let's change it round quick
Sameness is dreary, but difference is fun
Difference is teamwork to GET THE JOB DONE!'

So the Sizz-lers got really quite smart on that day
The day they sent Mayor Magoo on his way...


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