'Twas The Night Before Snow Day

Snow Day (through the unique eyes of a special family!)

‘Twas the night before Snow Day, and throughout the UK,
Excitement was building- skies were indeed grey!
You’d think this whole snow thing was rarer then gold-
Oh wait, this is Poole and it is, so I’m told.

The kids came home chattering with dreamy eyed sighs,
‘Miss L said snow’s coming.’ (And teachers don’t lie)
Said I, trying to rein in their zeal, just in case,
‘It’s not teachers who lie, it’s those stations in space.’

At last they were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of snow angels danced through their heads.
The hubby and I had a cheeky nightcap,
And settled our brains for a (brief) winter’s nap.

Awoken next morning-4:30, oh dear-
I crept to the window-had this white gold appeared?
Mixed feelings arose as I peered through the glass,
A star for Miss L- white stuff here at last.

Now for those of you non-Brits this is gonna sound crazy,
But we’re not used to snow (or we’re just downright lazy)
Outside on the ground like a cold winter’s throw,
Lay almost AN INCH of this sparkly wet snow.

That inch was all it took for things to go mad-
Schools and preschools were shutting (and this made me sad)
I hurriedly checked on the website of doom,
(While the girls pulled on cosy warm clothes in their room)

Then I shouted upstairs with a whoop of delight,
‘It’s OK, your school’s open, I’ve checked, it’s alright!’
Unfortunately preschool did not share the same fate,
On the bright side at least we actually COULDN’T be late.

B’s school was shut though, and it’s most fair to say-
Autism and snow-not a fun mix, no way!
Out and he can’t keep his temperature stable,
In, constantly hanging upside down from the table.

Routine out the window, B’s all of a flutter,
Tears and frustration-the house is too cluttered.
Adventuring out in the snow is no fun,
It’s too cold and wet and his finger’s get numb.

To those parents who long for a snow day, it’s hard to relate.
In honesty each day I’ve enough on my plate!
With sensory diets, nappies, PECS and the like,
Not to mention the sleep I don’t get every night.

I love all my kids dearly, but as a Parr rule,
We work better when all of the kids are in school.
Life for us hangs in so fine a balance you see
With no room for manoeuvre or spontaneous glee.

So a plea from the parents of special kids UK wide,
Please don’t judge us-we truthfully really have tried
To put on a smile and enjoy the day’s playing
But the price is too high and it just ain’t worth paying!


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